Two teenagers, making out one night in a car on the edge of town
slaughtered by person or persons unknown. No physical evidence to speak of. No known motive.

For all the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office knows, there’s a psychotic killer roaming the hills west of town. Until they arrest someone for the murders of Larry Peyton and Beverly Allan, no one will rest easy

The Peyton-Allan Files is the story of the savage double-murder that changed life forever in the deceptively peaceful town of Portland, Oregon.

A true-life murder mystery, guaranteed to keep you turning pages till the last guilty party has been brought to justice
or maybe just framed.

Because one way or another, this case has got to be solved.
“The Peyton-Allan Files is a beauty.  It's not just the suspense ― it's the writing.  A gem every couple of minutes.  Stanford sure knows how to research and tell a story."

―Jack Bogdanski
Jack Bog's Blog

October 26, 2010

“This is a book you can't put down.
The Peyton Allan Files is one dynamite read. It all takes place in Portland starting in 1960. Terrific.”

―Dave Rogoway
Stumptown Blogger

October 26, 2010

“These stories provide a window into how things really work. It’s important for people to understand the darker side exists.”

―Phil Stanford
Portland Monthly
November 2010


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